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In 1997 The Barrie James Literary Agency recognised, that with more and more would-be writers acquiring personal computers there was a greater increase in the number of applications being received. Clearly it was impossible to represent all of the manuscripts that were being submitted.  Many new authors became disillusioned and so we decided to open a web site for unpublished new writers to place a sample of their work.


The site has proved to have been very popular.

New Authors Showcase is world-wide. We have included writers from Scotland to Singapore and from China to Chile and as many of the pages have an 'instant language interpreter' (courtesy of Alta Vista), non-English works are available to most readers.

Getting one’s work published can be a heart-breaking endeavour, as we know so well. Best selling author, the late Dick Francis, once said to me,

“I tell new writers to never give up, but keep sending in their work."

Our web pages are visited by many hundreds of people, some of whom are agencies seeking works of a particular nature.

New writers need exposure. New Authors Showcase provides this at a very low cost. We now charge a ‘one-off’ registration fee of just £20.00.

Before you send your work for display on our pages you should know that Kindle do it so much better, and at no charge.

Submitting a sample of your work for New Authors showcase.

We prefer on-line submissions. Please refer to the left side of this page.

1500 words are ideal for your web page. If you exceed this figure we may have to reduce the print size to a point where some readers may find it difficult to read your work.

Most of our writers prefer to use the first 200 words for a synopsis and the remainder as a sample of their work.

Please note that we no longer send the work to publishers in the traditional manner. 


We hope that some future successful writers will be able to remember, that it was through New Authors Showcase and the World Wide Web that their first book was discovered.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring our website and continue to persevere with your own new writings.


Good Luck… Barrie James.

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Thank you, the reason is your site was so good it kept appearing when my name Googled. My book is out on Kindle next week and in print around April 1st!!! Best wishes, tessa


‘Rampage’ is the first of many e-books soon to be published by this agency.  With the steady rise of  Kindle, iphone and computer popularity we feel that this may be the way forward, by enabling you to place your work in the public domain and also be paid for it.  Ed.


As many publications are now distributed in PDF mode, it is important that your computer can read them. 

The link below will allow you to download a short program from a well known source.

The Fox


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